Win! And Get Your Geek On At the Greek!

889-11Video Games Live will be performing this Thursday, June 4th at the Greek Theater.  What’s that you ask?  Ha!  It’s a a super fun, interactive concert performance combining music and game culture.

Be there, and you’re in for a treat under the stars with lasers, music from hot game titles, cool projected graphics and images, game sequences and on-stage interactive games for the audience.  It’s mega-fun and it’s the closing celebration for this years E3.

If you want to be there FREE, win our contest!  Okay, so first the contest was just going to be name the top selling game of all time and who composed the music…. but a little research proved that this was pretty sketchy info depending on a lot of variables and we want to know more about you!

Sooo…. here’s what you have to do to win two tickets: Tell us why you are (were) hooked on a specific video game and if this addiction has ever caused a problem in other areas of your life.  Best story wins.  And yes, you can use a game you loved when you were twelve… or the one that broke up your recent marriage.

3 thoughts on “Win! And Get Your Geek On At the Greek!”

  1. When I was in college, I was addicted to Pokemon. The cartoon was the only thing on while I was getting ready for class every morning. The commercials got to me. Gotta catch em all!.

    I dug out my old gameboy and bought the Red version. I was playing it every night. It got so bad, I would be walking around campus or sitting in class and I could hear the 8-bit music in my head, even with my gameboy at home.

  2. While videogames (especially RPGs) might have kept me as a loner throughout most of my K-12 education, it came to a bit of a peak junior year of high school. I would basically neglect my (first) girlfriend due to my addiction with Halo 2. The online multiplayer was amazing (vehicles! explosions! trash talking!) and the fact that it made easy to meet up with my friends after class in the comfort of our own homes made it insanely convenient. My girlfriend assumed I was simply to busy for her, due to excuses along the lines of “my parents need me to do chores” and “I have a lot of homework tonight for my AP classes” served to solidify this relationship’s doom. Did I mention that I participated in Halo tournaments?

    I regret nothing!

  3. I had (and have) an addiction to all things Zelda. It started out early, watching my brothers play Legend of Zelda all the time when I was a little kid. I would sit for hours, fascinated. The puzzles, the dungeons, the sound effects, the weapons, the cute pink bunny Link. I never got enough of it.

    When I was old enough to be able to grab the controller from my brothers and play it for myself, I was officially addicted. Ever since, the reason I buy a new system is because, and only because, a new Zelda game was released for it.

    But I can’t say that this addiction has caused problems in my life – if only because I know my priorities. It’s not that Zelda comes in conflict with my life but that my life is the thing that comes in conflict with Zelda. Throwing money I don’t really have for new systems and games? Staying up all weekend for a Zelda-fest when I need to get projects done? Soiling my pants because I can’t rip myself away from a speed run of Legend of Zelda (for the umpteenth time)? Not Zelda’s fault, it’s that damn life getting in the way.

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