Dear Culver City, This can’t be safe.

Fire Safety FAIL

If you happen to park in one of the Culver City parking structures near Main Street and Culver Blvd and leave your car on one of the five floors of parking, you’ll be relieved to know that in the event of a fire there is one fire extinguisher down in the ticket booth on the ground floor.


Seriously. Every other parking structure I’ve been in in my life like hundreds of these things all over the place, at least one in every corner on ever floor. When I ran a retail business in LA that was basically one large open room the fire inspector made sure I had two. How in the world does Culver City think it’s safe for this place to only have one? If there is a fire on the 5th floor, someone has to run down 5 flights of stairs then back up to even think about putting it out. Really???

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  1. That has to be a code violation. Buildings don’t put those fire extinguishers all over parking structures out of the goodness of their hearts, they do it because the fire marshal says they have to.

  2. Looks like the fire extinguisher thieves have won this round. Call the fire marshall to see if they can be forced to add another. If it is a pay for parking lot they will have to buy a fire extinguisher.

  3. According to the Culver City website, their laws mirror the State laws:
    The City Council hereby adopts certain amendments, additions, deletions and exceptions to the 2006 International Fire Code, with errata, incorporating Part 9 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations known as the 2007 California Fire Code, with errata, including the 2007 Fire Code Appendix Chapter 1 as amended, Chapter 2 as amended, Appendix Chapter 4, Appendix B as amended, Appendix C as amended, Appendix D as amended, Appendix E, Appendix F, Appendix G, and Appendix H, as amended by the California Building Standards Commission, and subject to the provisions of § 15.02.200, Chapter 9.02, the Zoning Code, as set forth in Title 17 of this Code, and any other City regulations relating to existing zoning, fireworks, building trades, is hereby adopted. The provisions of this International Fire Code, with errata, California Fire Code and Fire Code Appendices, as indicated above, shall be applicable in the City and referred to as the “Fire Code of the City of Culver City.”

    B. One copy of the Fire Code of the City of Culver City shall be available in the Culver City Fire Prevention office for public inspection.

    (Ord. No. 2008-001 § 2 (part))
    Section. 901.4.5 Systems. Sprinkler systems, fire hydrant systems, standpipe systems, fire alarm systems, portable fire extinguishers, smoke and heat ventilators, smoke-removal systems and other fire-protective or extinguishing systems or appliances shall be maintained in an operative condition at all times, and shall be replaced or repaired where defective. Fire-protection or extinguishing systems coverage, spacing and specifications, and fire alarm systems shall be maintained in accordance with recognized and approved standards at all times. Such systems shall be extended, altered or augmented as necessary to maintain and continue protection, whenever any building so equipped is altered, remodeled or added to. Additions, repairs, alterations and servicing shall be in accordance with recognized and approved standards. A report of system activation, cause and correction shall be forwarded to the Fire Prevention Office after each incident.


    BUT…do they have a sprinkler system in the parking structure? If they do, then the portable one on the ground floor would be more of a temporary use item for a motorist with an engine fire…

    According to

    It was built in 1999 and is owned by the Culver City Redevelopment Agency.
    If you really, really want to know, the site (CCRA) lists Chris Evans –
    310/253-5744 as the contact (same contact for many of the parking structures.
    I sort of assuming you mean this structure, since it is closest to Culver & Main…
    I tried a search to see if I could find out what was mandated…but didn’t find anything easily, and got bored…building codes are not good reading…
    on the other hand, it is a good idea to have a small car fire extinguisher…(not that I have one…)…just in case.

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