Bar Sinister Premieres BLOOD

index_blood_thumb2Bar Sinister, in conjunction with Fire Groove, is premiering BLOOD – Cirque Du Noir this evening (and reoccurring every month).  As the cirque craze takes hold of Los Angeles, it’s no surprise that the darklings are doing their take on the genre.  Expect a darker version of Lucent Dossier’s Burning Man meets cirque love fest with vampires creeping around corners and wicked showgirls who’d just as soon spank you as dance.  Perhaps they’ll do both.

As per usual, there will still be bands playing out on the patio. Tonight’s performances are by Mather Louth and Radio Noir.

Tickets are $16 in advance ($1 paypal fee included) and $20 at the door.  The word whispered amidst shadows is this evening will sell out fast so all of you die hard gloom cookies need to slap that eyeliner on early.  If you’ve never been to Bar Sinister it is expected that you either dress in your gothic/alternative finest or, at very least, mainstream upscale.  Creativity is highly encourage and sometimes rewarded with free entry at the door.