Which came first?


On Sherman Way in North Hollywood
On Sherman Way in North Hollywood

Driving down Sherman Way, I glanced at these signs painted on the side of the building. It didn’t register until I saw the different addresses.¬†There has to be a story here. In my head, it’s something as dramatic as the cake shops on Fairfax. I’d be upset to find out if the reality is more banal.

3 thoughts on “Which came first?”

  1. It’s probably not as cut-throat as it may appear on the surface. Despite the fact that they can inspect any vehicle requiring a smog inspection; as a “Test Only” station, City Smog is legally prohibited from diagnosing and repairing vehicles. On the other hand; as a “Test and Repair Station”, Smog City can’t inspect vehicles that were directed to a “Test Only” station, but they could repair vehicles that failed next door at City Smog. Of course, they can’t legally refer customers to each other, but I have a hunch they’re both benefiting from proximity.

  2. I believe hachronn is correct. They appear to be trying to subvert the law here. I think the goal is to prevent shady repair shops from ‘failing’ vehicles then offering to repair them.

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