Churches ban straight marriage, divorce lawyers threaten legal action

Just kidding about that second part. Two pastors at churches in Los Angeles County have announced that in protest of this week’s state supreme court ruling to uphold Proposition 8, they will not perform any opposite-sex marriages at their churches.

According to The Advocate,

The Reverend Art Cribbs of San Marino Congregation Church and the Reverend Anne Cohen of the First Congregational Church in Glendale have both said they will not be performing wedding ceremonies of any kind until the ban on same-sex marriage is lifted.

3 thoughts on “Churches ban straight marriage, divorce lawyers threaten legal action”

  1. I’m not sure this will solve anything in the long run–but my first reaction was, “Amen!”

  2. While I agree 100% with their sentiment, taking a position on a politics I believe makes them as equally unqualified to claim non-profit status as churches that put tons of money into pro-Prop 8 coffers. (I could be wrong on this, though, anyone know?)

  3. Given the economic dilemma, this is the perfect time to eliminate all tax exemptions for all religions. Forever. Plus, it would create jobs for accountants and bookkeepers. Just like same-sex marriage will create work for divorce lawyers. I ask you, why can’t people just think the ideas through?

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