Bassnectar Turns On Tonight at the Fonda

thumbs_the-fillmore-douglas-charles-aximagesYeah, it’s last minute… at least in my world… but one of the most amazing DJ’s I’ve ever danced to/listened to is playing tonight, Friday 5/29 at the Henry Fonda Theater in Hollywood.

I’m pysched. Lorin Ashton is the guy behind Bassnectar, he’s from the bay area… a DJ friend turned me on to him a couple of years ago and I am absolutely hooked. The idea behind Bassnectar is an open sourced music project that is truly diverse, amazingly fierce and crazy good.

According to Lorin, “we are so blessed, and so deeply fortunate to be alive and awake right now… it’s a basic truth, but it’s very powerful.  I think privilige confers responsibility, and Bassnectar is a reflection of that opportunity to give back… the motion of my cells bouncing back to the world”.