Frank Lloyd Wride Around Hollywood Saturday

72Well, I’m aaaaaaalmost there. My “Bike Every Day In May” campaign has been a success so far and I’m cranking toward the finish line this Sunday. To get there I’ve got another unique ride planned for Saturday — the Frank Lloyd Wride — that I’m posting here in case it strikes anyone’s fancy to get on yer bikes and come along with me to check out four of Wright’s stuff conveniently grouped around Hollywood.

But wait, there’s more! In addition to stops at the Ennis, Freeman, Storer and Hollyhock houses, we’ll be visiting the Monastery of the Angels off of Gower (because I’m jonesing for a loaf of the nuns’ famed pumpkin bread), and also stopping for breakfast (flannel cakes, FTW!) at Musso & Frank’s.

Trust me, I’ve got it all logisticated. We’ll meet at the usual place, Silversun Plaza (corner of Sunset and Parkman in Silver Lake), where our stops will be (in order): Ennis House, Monastery of the Angels, Storer House, Freeman House, Musso’s, and Hollyhock House (where docent-led tours are available for $7). Here’s what the mapped 17.6-mile route looks like, and here’s something else kooky I figured out after the jump:

Check it: You can’t spell “Hollywood” without two Ls, an O, a Y, and D. I know, Wright?!

Unlike last Saturday’s ridiculously awesome Black Dahlia/West Adams Mosey, I’ll be keeping any narration to a minimum — in part because even though I have a lifelong fascination and appreciation of the man and his works, I justĀ  don’t know all that much about him or these projects… and also because I’ll be too busy sucking wind from any climbing required to get up to them. They aren’t called the Hollywood Hills for nothing, folks.

Elevation gains notwithstanding, the good news is that I’ll be foregoing my usual 7:30 a.m. start for a much more civilized 9 a.m. departure, and there’ll be a limited number of commemorative spoke cards distributed. Hope to see ya!

3 thoughts on “Frank Lloyd Wride Around Hollywood Saturday”

  1. Sounds cool. I won’t be able to join (and even if I could, I don’t think I could handle 17 miles). There’s probably a few Lloyd Wright (the son) buildings that could be added as well.

  2. We’ll get you going on a ride one of these days Evan. And right you are: I’ll be working in a stop at Lloyd Wright’s Sowden House on Franklin west of Edgemont.

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