Fischerspooner “Performs”

When Pretentious NYC Electroclashers Fake Sing and/or Burgeon with Ennui


Remember electroclash? It was that musical burp that crept onto the scene at the turn of the millennium, then went the way of the buffalo. Or did it? Like spotting a sasquatch in a heavily wooded area, Fischerspooner appeared at the Avalon and revealed that electroclash still exists, just in a slightly older, more rotund manner.

Fischerspooner by Drew Tewksbury

Just when you thought you could retire your sequined banana hammock, Fischerspooner returns to Los Angeles to awkwardly perform “dance” numbers in a bout of “performance art” meets “music”. I’m Still trying to figure out what happened. When music is composed electronically, and performed “live” doesn’t the DJ guy just have to press play? I’m fairly certain that’s what Warren Fischer did during Saturday’s performance at the Avalon. Press play. Wait. Count your money. Now, this wouldn’t be a problem if singer/lead freak Casey Spooner sang live, then at least some sort of musicianship would be frothing from the stage. But apparently Mr. Spooner wasn’t really singing into the Janet Jackson styled mic thing affixed to his face. So, if neither of them were playing live, isn’t it just like listening to the album, just louder? Why have we become complacent to lip-synching? We expect it from “live” television performances ranging from the Super Bowl to Saturday Night Live. But in person? Really? Thanks Fischerspooner.


For more photos of Fischerspooner, angle your eyes toward here.

Photos by Drew Tewksbury.

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