The LA Bike Tour

From start to finish: The 65 minutes it took me to complete this morning’s 21-mile L.A. Bike Tour route condensed down to a 4-1/2 minute timelapse video captured from my handlebar cam. Now you can not and say you did:


7 thoughts on “The LA Bike Tour”

  1. I really like these time lapse videos. In addition to just being cool, they remind me that I’ve really got to get on my bike more. And stick a camera on the handlebars.

  2. you were definitely hauling ass…..took me 78 minutes and i didn’t stop the whole time. I was averaging about 14-20 mph the whole route. you kept passing everyone.

  3. Thanks Barleye. I definitely exploit this event for its opportunities to push myself. In the aftermath I kept thinking that if I’d poached up as far to the front of the corral as possible and hadn’t had the chain fail, I would’ve had a shot at besting my personal record of 63 minutes. Next year.

  4. Will: very cool. Thanks. I havent ridden tha bike tour in a million years, but your vid made me recall the pre-dawn start and the beautiful, eerie transition into sunlight. You were bookin’, eh? I think my best was 1:18 on the old, old course.
    Did the old lady trying to cross the tour route carrying two plastic grocery bags make her appearance this year? She be ghost, you know.

  5. I did the ride in 1:15. I waited on the right side to start and waited for the crowd to roll a bit before getting on the bike. I had a good time. I was wearing my Captain America jersey…

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