Dance Camera West Plays Redcat in June

dcw-becoming A couple of years ago, I happened on a screening of films about dance that blew me away. I was at a performance art thing and a group called “Dance Camera West” showed some films at this event. The short form pieces were from all over the world, and unexpectedly wonderful.

Because all the films were so fine, I went to a couple more in the ensuing weeks. They were all stunningly original and very cinematic, something that can be rare when you combine dance and film. Since that summer, I haven’t missed this yearly celebration of dance on film.

Starting on Friday, June 5th, Dance Camera West celebrates their eighth year with the screening of dance films at Redcat downtown. Using various venues, including Redcat, they’ll show 41 films you can catch all over the city. Check out the schedule here. If you like dance, you don’t want to miss this.

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