Caché / Eyer Mural Finally Captured


This isn’t a new piece from collaborators Caché and Eyer (thumbnails from the Flickr photoset above), but it may well be their longest. The mural’s been there on the north side of Beverly Boulevard between Commonwealth and Virgil for some months now. But coming back to Silver Lake from this morning’s L.A. Bike Tour I finally made good on a long-standing promise to snap it in its ultra-wide awesomeness.

After the jump is a very tiny and low-resolution and veeeeery rough cobbled-together pano of the complete work that gets bigger when you click it.


One thought on “Caché / Eyer Mural Finally Captured”

  1. DJ Chicken Leather did a video interview of Cache´ while he was painting this. He showed part of it at the Bike In Movie Nite at the Bike Oven. What I found amazing about the video is how absolutely squeaky clean Cache´ stays while painting -not a single drop of paint on his un-gloved hand!

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