Super deals on bikes this weekend at Coco’s


If you’ve been considering picking up a used bike, or already have one but have been toying with the idea of fixing up another boy do I have news for you. My friend Mister Jalopy has informed me that they are having the first ever bike sale at Coco’s this weekend. Basically what happened is his eyes were bigger than his warehouse so to speak and months and months of buying all kinds of used bikes at swap meets and garage sales has caught up with him and he has so many he can’t walk around without knocking over huge stacks of bikes or something like that. Having purchased bikes and bike related items from Coco’s in the past I can tell you 2 things – 1. They try to price things extremely fair with an emphasis on selling cool bikes to cool people at cool prices and 2. They never negotiate prices because of point #1. So a sale is unheard of. It’s crazy talk. But it’s real. Over on the Coco’s blog he has a rundown of some of what is available. If you’ve been thinking along those lines, I’d highly recommend swinging by to see what they have. On Riverside, just south of Fletcher.

One thought on “Super deals on bikes this weekend at Coco’s”

  1. coco’s is awesome….they have the best selection of bike accessories such as handlebar tassels, various horns, locks, lights, and a ton of brake levers. excellent prices too.

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