Intelligentsia Venice Opening Party

Line at intelligentsia opening

Packed opening is packed! The line stretched around the block, inside it was so packed you could barely move. I’d say this was definitely a warm welcome to Venice. More pics after the jump.

Packed intelligentsia opening is packed

Intelligentsia opening

7 thoughts on “Intelligentsia Venice Opening Party”

  1. Sean, can you expand on why you think so many people showed up for an opening of a coffee shop?

    I am not discounting Intelligentsia, to hear everyone tell it their a great company, awesome product, but I am just wondering “why”.

    Was the big turn out because you tweeted it? This economy makes people go out of their way and celebrate a business expanding, as opposed to others that contract? Venice, the city, has a stronger than average sense of community and all come out to support fellow Venetians?

    …or is everyone working such long hours, they appreciate new sources of super high octane espresso?

  2. I know that pretty much every free moment Sean’s had has been spent pressed up against Venigentsia’s windows tapping on the glass and quietly chanting “openopenopen.” All is now right in his world.

  3. Ronin691-

    This wasn’t the doors opening for business, this was the opening party. There was free food and drinks and DJs and stuff.

  4. I’m with Dave. I’m all for free food and drink, and hell…parties. That crowd looks less than pleasant, though.

  5. Good god, you couldn’t have paid me to go into a crowd like that for coffee. And I love coffee.

  6. the opening of the silverlake shop was REALLY packed as well…..It’s truly a great cup of coffee..If the venice location offers the $5 coffee making class, DO IT. You learn to make coffee with various machines and methods.

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