Random Valley Front Yard of the Day: Memorial Weekend Edition

In celebration of that most 1950’s-esque, American-as-apple-pie, Eisenhower-and-nuclear-family-ish holiday that is Memorial Day, here I present a triptych of three Valley homes, all built in the ’60s, in the same subdivision, on the same template, and now all drastically different from one another.


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I think this is the thing that fascinates me most about these homes, and Valley homes in general–it’s why I do this series: I love how we humans take homes that are built off of two or three templates, with no other defining features, and then make them our own. As time and each successive family or individual leaves their stamp on the home, it changes, transforming into something utterly unique, irreplaceable, unable to be reproduced. Over and over again, they make it their own, in whatever form that takes.

Like the center home above, with its neatly manicured lawn, immaculate front yard, weathered shutters and non-original leaded-glass door. I imagine a very private person lives here.rvfyotd52209closeup

Enjoy your holiday, Los Angeles. I know each of you will make it your own.

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