Sword Now Mightier Than Pen

Bluebell, a pit bull who was dragged behind a truck by her former owner, is now in good health and ready to be adopted
Bluebell, a pit bull who was dragged behind a truck by her former owner, is now in good health and ready to be adopted
As a follow up to my earlier Metblogs post regarding the case of Bluebell, the dog that was nearly dragged to death back in December, below are the responses I received from my letters to District Supervisor Don Knabe and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office.

Thanks so much to all of you who wrote in letters to the District Attorney and District Supervisor. I will continue to follow up on the case and update you as more information becomes available.

Hello Ms. Wilson,

Thank you for you recent email regarding the District Attorney’s refusal to file charges against Bryana Wilson. As you may know, the District Attorney is an independently elected official, and is thereby under no obligation to be directed by this Office. But due to the overwhelming correspondence this Office has received regarding this issue, we have respectfully requested the District Attorney’s Office to review the case again to ensure that nothing was overlooked.

Please contact the District Attorney’s Office, for further information as to why they have decided not to file charges.

Thank you.

Supervisor Don Knabe
County of Los Angeles
Fourth District


Dear Ms. Wilson,

Thank you for your email. We have carefully reviewed all of the evidence that was presented to us by law enforcement on this case. While on the face of it the incident that occurred is disturbing, after careful examination of the facts we have determined that at this time there is insufficient evidence to file criminal charges. We share your concern for the welfare of all animals and will continue to vigorously prosecute all provable cases of animal abuse and neglect that occur in Los Angeles County.

Thank you, again, for taking the time to write.


Debbie Knaan
Deputy District Attorney
Animal Cruelty Case Coordinator

Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office

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  1. Same form letters I got. Although the DA has decided not to file charges now, that doesn’t mean that it can’t happen in the future. Given that Supervisor Knabe’s email noting the request to review the case again arrived after Knaan’s refusal to file charges, it may still be under review (again.) I wonder what we can do to encourage that process?

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