Black Dahlia / West Adams Bike Mosey Saturday

I haven’t done any drum-banging here on Metblogs about the weekend components of my personal “Bike Every Day in May” campaign, because the Saturday and Sunday rides are pretty casual… no spoke cards, no printed routes — plus they’re waaaay too early for most sensible people. But if I do say so myself (and I do) this Saturday’s ride is shaping up to be something pretty cool.

wadamsOriginally, the intent of the ride was to visit the places Elizabeth Short was last seen alive and first found dead, while working in an unstructured cruise around the Historic West Adams district and taking in some of the phenomenal residences that exist there. Then I relocated a book chock full of details on structures living and long gone in the famed community  and I couldn’t help but channel my inner tour-guide and plot out specific points for us to visit.

There they are at right, tiny and in the abstract (click to largify). The following link will take you to the live Google maps version with more info on the specific stops:  Black Dahlia / West Adams Mosey.

The points in the upper right and lower left are the Biltmore Hotel and the location where Elizabeth Short’s remains were found. Among those markers in between  I found homes of heroes, villians, superstars and city changers and much more. I’ll be bringing the aforementioned book along to provide some brief background info. In addition, after the ride we’ll be including a stop at the Convention Center for anyone needing to late-register and/or pick up their stuff for the  L.A. Marathon Bike Tour, Monday. And on our way there we’ll be hitting El Parian on Pico near the 110 overpass, my new favorite taco place.

If you want to join, I’ll be departing from Silversun Plaza (northwest corner of Sunset Boulevard and Parkman) in Silver Lake, at 7:30 a.m., Saturday, May 23. The route is casually paced and will run about 25 miles and end back at Silversun Plaza.

4 thoughts on “Black Dahlia / West Adams Bike Mosey Saturday”

  1. That’s mighty early for a lazy sod such as myself. However, the close proximity of where Elizabeth Short’s body was found 60 years ago, and where a Krispy Kreme Doughnuts is today, might be just enough to get me out of bed.

  2. I suppose the Black Dahlia is resting in the cementary at Rosedale under the name Elizabeth Short. To find a body there you need to know the year she was buried. The Entrance booth has the bodies listed When they were buried and I don’t think it is alphabetized.

    If you start to get a larger group you are going to need walkie talkies to communicate….

  3. Ian: Cool! Hope to see you Saturday.

    Waltarrrr: YOU. CAN. DO. IT!

    Phil: Actually Short’s gravesite is at a cemetery up in Oakland. And no kidding about the communication devices. Back a couple years ago when despite being flat broke I entertained the notion of creating a bike touring company, I considered FM-based systems, like the kind they offer group tours at museums. EXPENSIVE!

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