Win Tix to See Lady Sovereign at the El Rey, Tuesday May 26

ladysovereignBang-on and balls-out, North Londoner Lady Sovereign’s overcome the odds to become one of the biggest talents in music today–tapped by Jay-Z for Def Jam & handpicked by Gwen Stefani as a tour opener, the girl’s got flow and style in spades. Check out her sound here if you haven’t already.

Wanna see the show? Tell me your fave Lady Sov rhyme in the comments. We’ll pick a few lucky winners to go see the show!

Info on the show is here.

4 thoughts on “Win Tix to See Lady Sovereign at the El Rey, Tuesday May 26”

  1. No I don’t own a Corgi
    Had a hamster – it died ’cause I ignored it
    Go on then – go on report me!
    I’m English, try and deport me!

    (from Love Me or Hate Me)

  2. My favorite Lady Sovereign rhyme is definitely:

    “I’m that funky little monkey
    with the tiniest ears.
    I don’t like drinking fancy champy,
    I’ll stick wit Heineken beers.”

    She IS a funky little monkey and I have to see her in concert! (c:

  3. So many favorites I can’t pick just one!

    If you love me then, thank you.
    If you hate me then, fuck you!

    I also looove her duet with Missy Elliot.

    I’m ridin like a Range Rover, bitch move over,
    Wear more ice than bears in the polar…
    No one’s got crimps like mine,
    when I step you see that shit shine.

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