Prop 8 ruling expected as soon as tomorrow

As the 90-day period for California’s State Supreme Court to rule on anti-same-sex marriage Proposition 8 draws to a close on June 3rd, an announcement of its decision is expected as soon as tomorrow. The court normally releases judgments on Mondays and Thursdays.

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, here’s the new ad from the so-called National Organization for Marriage that’s running in New Hampshire, which just passed a same-sex marriage bill in its legislature and awaits the governor’s signature.

[UPDATE: Daily Kos just posted that the New Hampshire House has voted against the state senate’s amendment to the same-sex marriage bill, which consisted of changes insisted upon by Democratic Governor John Lynch to protect so-called “religious rights.” The bill is likely to be considered dead for the rest of the legislative session.]

I know it’s not the intention of NOM, but to me it shows how easy it would be to teach children about fairness and equality. Of course, the anti-gay crowd shudders at the very thought of it. Confused indeed, and maybe a little uncomfortable about teaching bigotry to young, trusting minds.


NOM’s last high profile ad, “Gathering Storm,” met with a deluge of mocking parody ads on Youtube. I can’t wait for the responses to this one.

7 thoughts on “Prop 8 ruling expected as soon as tomorrow”

  1. I just heard from the courage campaign that it will likely be next week. The longer this takes for a decision the more I become worried. Will the intent of the constitution to not limit freedoms over-ride the will of the people is the argument at hand. My hope is they reaffirm their decision on the constitutional grounds of not limiting freedoms.

  2. I’m more impressed by Michael Steele’s argument that gay marriage should be opposed because it will cost small businesses more money, since health benefits will then need to be shared between partners. So, he’s not really against gay men living with each other, he’s just opposed to them staying healthy.

  3. I would be furious if my children learned about equality in school, because it would mean they hadn’t been listening to me their entire lives up to that moment.

    And Markland, I adore Steele’s argument, since it totally ignores the fact that straight employees of small businesses could get married ANY TIME.

  4. That video is a horribly shameful and inappropriate exploitation of children for political purposes.

  5. As Annika points out, under Michael Steele’s logic (now that’s an oxymoron), all marriages should be opposed.

  6. And now that I think about it, there is nothing stopping gay employees of small businesses from entering into straight marriages. I mean, nothing legal.

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