Hey, Californians! Everything is going to be alright.

chancellor In case you missed the news this morning, Californians have thrown in the proverbial towel.

As we all brace for draconian cuts and pray for somebody to save us from ourselves, I’ll take comfort in this late ’90s Shawn Mullins ditty.

Come to think of it, I wonder why this tune didn’t appear on our recent Songs about Los Angeles project?

Oh, yeah, because it sucks.

[UPDATE: Apparently, embedding the video has been disabled by request. So to take it’s visual place, here’s a pic of the next Supreme Chancellor of
California using some of his new executive powers.]

3 thoughts on “Hey, Californians! Everything is going to be alright.”

  1. Having never been subjected to the ridiculously literal video translation like they used to do in the early daze of MTV, now I hate it.

    I put up with the aural version of the ditty whenever I found it on the airwaves. At least until it closes with that profoundly revelatory “Nashville with a tan” comparison, and by “profoundly revelatory” I mean it’s neither. Now the overwrought/over lip-sync’d video is etched on the inside of my eyelids, like an after-image from staring at the sun.

    It shoulda made the L.A. Songs list though. Even moreso because it blows so.

  2. The song and video (who requested its deletion) are retarded. Almost as retarded as California’s 2/3 super-majority requirement to pass a budget.

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