Dynamite Walls At The Viper Room

Photographer: Steven Khan / From Left-to-Right: Alex Blundell, Tom Pritchard, Allan Bates, Paul Kimmel

One of my favorite parts of living in Los Angeles is the music scene.  While it’s not nearly the veritable buffet it has been in the past, particularly due to the death of Sunset Blvd’s nightlife, there are still bright spots to be found. A faint, nostalgic pulse returns any time Camp Freddy takes up residency at The Roxy but beyond that one has to dig past all the hobbyists and garage bands paying to play in various venues.

Earlier in the year I was turned on to an indie rock band called Dynamite Walls out of San Diego. While I missed the opportunity to see them during the last L.A. Fashion Week, I did soak up as much of their music as I could find on the internet.  It was good enough to keep my attention.  But that’s only half the formula for me.  They have to put on a killer show to be truly rock worthy.  Apparently, from what I can gather, Dynamite Walls delivers on that promise.  They’ve been named the 2009 break-out San Diego act by more than one source. 

Dynamite Walls has been around for a few years, paying their dues while finding their stride.  They have made the most of their learning curve, evolving beyond the typical guys in a band circumstance to garner the interest of Paul Fox – a producer with an eclectic musical pedigree.  I can only imagine what magic and serendipity has been occurring with such fertile grounds to create upon.

Dynamite Walls will be returning to Los Angeles twice in the next couple of weeks to play at the Viper Room on May 21st (11pm/$10) and June 4th (10pm/$10).  If you like what you hear, you can pick up their brand new limited run EP Stay Awake.