Auto Manufacturing Jobs returning to the Valley?

Could happen if the rumor phoned into Josh from holds true.  In short Daimler Benz is buying 10% of Bay Area based Tesla Motors.  This will provide them with the operating capital needed to start up production of their all electric Tesla S sports sedan.  The rumored location of this production will be the old GM Van Nuys plant shuttered some 20 years ago when Camaro production was shifted elsewhere.

I have found confirmation regarding the purchase of Tesla stock over at

Good news for the Valley and LA in general if this holds true.frazgoeslargeblacktiny

3 thoughts on “Auto Manufacturing Jobs returning to the Valley?”

  1. Its in Van Nuys, on Van Nuys BLVD south of Roscoe a bit. Parts have been redeveloped into shops in a strip mall type thingy called “The Plant”.

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