A Very Special Classic Eats: Hot Dog Death March

victoryordeathdogcolor2Saturday June 13 at 3pm we will commence the Classic Eats Event you have all been waiting for–HOT DOG DEATH MARCH!

The March begins at Pinks where we will have trivia contests and other fun things to do and discuss. Step two on our journey will be Oki-Dog. You’ve secretly wanted to go here ever since you read Jonathan Gold’s take on it in his book Counter Intelligence. You haven’t read it? Click here. Okay, now you are ready to try it. Last but never least we will wind up at Skooby’s on Hollywood Blvd. If there were ever a more appropriate place to throw up, Hollywood Blvd seems like it. But no one is going to hurl, I know you are all better than that.

Part of the conversation will be about Pink’s Vs. Skooby’s. This turf war is almost as hot and fiery as “where does the East/West side start” debate. Will the issue be resolved on June 13? You’ll have to join us to find out.

Oh and there will be t-shirts.

Oki-Dog (via Yelp)

Grab your Tums and tighten up your panties. This is Hot Dog Death March.

8 thoughts on “A Very Special Classic Eats: Hot Dog Death March”

  1. It’ll be like the movie ‘300’…only with more violence and less visible ab muscles.

    I’m in.

  2. I’m going to start “conditioning” now. Speaking of which, should we ban the use of marijuana, medical and otherwise, before and during the death march? Obviously, it will confer untold advantages to the user, although perhaps not in the trivia contests.

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