Dolla shot and killed at the Beverly Center

According to Wikipedia:

On the afternoon of May 18th Roderick Anthony Burton II, professionally known as Dolla was shot and killed shortly after 3:00 PM near the La Cienga Boulevard entrance of the Beverly Center in Beverly Hills, after a fight between a group of individuals broke out. Witnesses report that a woman was seen firing a handgun. Another source said a male suspect was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport as he attempted to board a flight.

dolla-who-theHis MySpace page has no more info than that and the most recent entry notes that he had just signed up for Twitter earlier today, about 7 hours ago from right now. I’m not certain, but I don’t recall there ever being a shooting at The Beverly Center that I’ve been aware of so this might be a first in that respect. Unfortunately, rappers getting shot and killed in LA is far from unusual. Dolla was 21.

The LA Times Blog has more info including a photo of flip-flop clad women who are clearly distressed that their shopping experience was interrupted exiting the building.

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