Win Tix to The Walkmen at the El Rey May 20

thewalkmenEver since their 2002 album “Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone,” I’ve had a music crush on The Walkmen. The delicacy of that album, the wistful tinkling layers of piano swirling through the vocals, blew me away. It’s good to see them back, and they’ll be playing on the 20th at the El Rey with The Morning Benders and total hound. Wanna go? Tell me your favorite album YOU ever listened to…on a Walkman.

Think about it. The Walkman is now obsolete technology, like an 8-track or a Victrola.

Info on the show is here.

3 thoughts on “Win Tix to The Walkmen at the El Rey May 20”

  1. I played the crap out of Michael Jackson’s DANGEROUS on my Walkman when I was 10. On “Heal The World” I though he said “for you, and for me, and the anti-human race” and I got laughed at when singing it out loud. People can be so cruel. Heal the world.

  2. The Presidents of the United States of America. Who didn’t love “lump”.?!

  3. ah yes. the walkman. i can remember lugging a double-sided cassette carrier that held 64 cassettes (many of them 90-minute tapes with two albums each) on debate trips so i could have some variety on long van rides to debate tournaments. hard to pick just one favorite walkman-era tape, but here are the top whatever:

    the wolfgang press – “bird wood cage” (ah shut that door!)
    swans – “holey money” (i hang myself in you)
    x – “more fun in the new world” (drink a beer from a paper bag)
    ramones – “leave home” (do it one more time for me)
    jimi hendrix experience – “greatest hits” (where you goin’ with that gun…?)
    sonic youth – “bad moon rising” (this song this song is called)
    tom waits – “franks wild years” (you gotta help me keep the devil)

    yeah, i was in the (older end of the) generation that william bennett said would be ruined by the walkman. you still hear echoes of that moral outrage every time a concerned ‘elder’ bemoans the fate of young children addicted to their ipods. as far as i can see, the only difference is that now i can carry 64+ albums without breaking a sweat. still, sometimes i miss the click-clack as the walkman flips from side a to b.

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