Venice Intelligentsia… almost ready!!

Intelligentsia Venice

While heading down Abbot Kinney today I saw the gates open on the soon to open Intelligentsia and had to poke my head in and embarrass myself by vomiting fanboy level admiration for everything going on there. Looks like doors should officially be opening to the public sometime next week. Would it be weird to set up camp on the sidewalk out front to wait? It would right?

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  1. Ok, call me a troublemaker. I’m looking forward to trying their coffee and I’m sure it’s delicious, and hell, it’s practically in my neighborhood. But here’s what their website says about the procedure for being served:

    After passing through the iron gates facing the bustling boulevard, visitors walk down an ivy-covered hall open to the sky where they are greeted at a butcher block “concierge desk.” From this point, they are taken to one of four custom-fabricated espresso machines where their espresso drink or coffee-by-the-cup is prepared. The idea is for a barista to stay with one person throughout the interaction to create an individualized experience for every customer, regardless of how many are being served.

    Seriously? You get escorted by a “concierge” to your own personal barista just to get a cup of coffee? If this were any other product or service offered by any other area business, wouldn’t it be precisely the type of L.A. affectation that L.A. Metblogs makes fun of, big time?

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