More on that Hummer Vs. Bicycle Vs. LAPD thing

Remember last month when a person driving a Hummer ran over cyclists in downtown, then threatened the cyclists then tried to run away only to be stopped by the LAPD who then threatened the cyclists and let the driver go? Well city council is looking into it and judging from this video they aren’t buying the official LAPD story either.


[via mikey wally]

7 thoughts on “More on that Hummer Vs. Bicycle Vs. LAPD thing”

  1. skim, I believe LAPD requires you to go to the responsible precinct and order the report. I think they are about $50/copy, or were several years ago for a basic traffic collision. This could be different, if criminal then a lot more costly and sometimes limited to the parties involved only at first until adjudicated.

  2. “We think the witnesses who are cyclists are automatically biased, so we’re going to be even more biased by giving no creed to their eyewitness accounts.” You gotta love that LAPD logic.

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