High-Tech & Hijinks Unite at Velvet Interactive Playground

cloudmirrorLA has an excessive number of brilliant minds, and when you combine that brilliance with playful creativity, you get events like this one. Velvet Interactive Playground,  Thursday night, will present a multimedia extravaganza of weird & wonderful.

Artist and inventor Eric Gradman has two installations for partygoers to play with: one is Shadowsmoke, where you can use your shadow to push and effect a projected fluid’s motion on a wall; and the other is the Cloud Mirror, which uses the magic of technology to create a “mirror” of you–complete with thought bubbles overhead (somehow it knows where your face is) intelligently scraped from your own presence on the internet.

hollabackzombies1There’ll be DJs, drinks & dancing, of course, and a VJ will be mixing live visuals in real time; but the showstopper should be Zombies Without Borders, the latest iteration of the LA troupe of zombie cheerleaders (and bananas) who’ve regularly dazzled Bootie LA with their choreographed-yet-zombiefied dances to mash-ups.

Hot zombie cheerleaders? A mirror that reads my thoughts? I’m there.

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  1. That’s our own former LA Metblogger Heather(vavavooom)vescent in the middle of that lower picture there with two of her closest friends.


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