Downtown Art Walk Afterparty

If you are a downtown art walker then like many people you’ve probably found yourself wandering the streets aimlessly after you’ve visited all the galleries with nothing else to do. Like so many of us you might have turned down the wrong street and started selling crack just to past the time. If you are anything like me chances are before you even knew it you were rummaging through dumpsters and panhandling and peeing on gated shop windows. And for what? Well luckily you don’t have to answer that because our friends at MusicUnion are organizing an after the art walk party & concert that will give you something to do for the rest of the night to prevent you becoming a danger to yourself and others.

The Globe Theater (Club 740) at 753 South Spring Street will be home to the event whose doors open at 8:30pm. are available via TicketWeb for $12.50 pre-sale or $15 at the door. Use promocode 90013 and get an extra 10% off presale tickets (not at the door). Some of the proceeds are going to some great downtown charities as well. More info here and there’s a flyer after the jump. Enjoy!