Trump cuts Miss California a break, since she’s so pretty

So Miss California, Carrie Prejean, who recently got a call from Satan while on television before millions of viewers, will be allowed to keep her crown and continue to represent the Golden State as a good will ambassador around the country, or to at least to those who will have her.

All thanks to Miss USA pageant-owner Donald Trump, who said since she’s pretty it doesn’t matter that she broke pageant rules by not disclosing that she posed for nude photographs, let alone made an ad  for a political organization (another pageant no-no) seeking to deny marriage rights to same-sex couples.

I don’t mind the ham-fisted way she stated her views. She seemed to be saying she thinks same-sex marriage is wrong according to the version of religion that she subscribes to, but there are places where it’s legal and that’s okay with her. I’m cutting her a big break because I assumed she was saying she wasn’t trying to press her views on other people and force them to live accordingly.

But by then choosing to work for the so called National Organization for Marriage, a group  founded on the principals of open hostility to gay people, it makes her seem like either an impressionable dumb-ass, or a media whore clamoring for any attention she can get, or a bigot.  Or all three, which I now suspect is the case.

perezhiltonI never thought I would utter these words, but THANK YOU PEREZ HILTON. Celebrity “journalism” has never held any interest for me, but I guess it sure came in handy here. (He asked Prejean her views on same-sex marriage during the pageant, eliciting her response that started a media tsunami.)

As I think back on the handful of times I noticed the gay boy with the spikey blue hair pecking away at his laptop at the Coffee Bean on Sunset and Hayworth a few years ago, not realizing it was Hilton (nee Mario Armando Lavandeira) building his power base in the online gossip world, I now smile at the political and social purpose he has embraced.

I read somewhere recently how time is the enemy of bigotry. As older people who cling to antiquated social values die off, successively enlightened younger generations will take their place– a gross oversimplification. Carrie Prejean is 21; Perez Hilton is 31.

Photo: Eric from Irvine; Creative Commons Lic.

5 thoughts on “Trump cuts Miss California a break, since she’s so pretty”

  1. If only all of the dumb-ass media whore bigots could be so pretty. I’m with you, Chal. I would’ve cut her some slack for stating personal beliefs that she didn’t intend to impose on others. Everything that she’s done since the pageant, though? Unacceptable.

  2. And another Angeleno invents himself in the vein of Hedda Hopper and the bilge froths forth. Kidding aside he did wonders bringing forth the story and making it an issue. Nice post.

  3. I’m with Burns!. Trump has already stated that she didn’t lose Miss America because of her beliefs or answers to the gay marriage question. But it does seem like she clearly broke two rules for maintaining her Miss Cali status. Cutting her a break for any reason sets a bad precedent. If she was cut a break because she asked and answered a controversial question, that’s an even worse precedent. The next Miss Cali will be justified in breaking the rules, then speaking out on some issue and asking for a similar break.

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