Summer is Officially Here: The Return of Cinespia

Photo by Gary Minnaert
Photo by Gary Minnaert

Yes, this Saturday, Cinespia returns to Hollywood Forever Cemetery with the first screening of the season: Cool Hand Luke. Movies at the cemetery are one of LA’s finest fun offerings, and Cool Hand Luke is one of the all-time cinema classics, so really, you can’t go wrong here. If you’ve never been before, know that it’s crowded, but the plus side is that it provides some of the finest people watching in LA. The movie starts at 8:30, but come early and have a leisurely din din on the mausoleum lawn while the dj spins. Bring blankies and sweaters–it gets cold at night. So far, the other films announced for future weeks include To Catch a Thief, Dazed and Confused, and Sleeper.

6 thoughts on “Summer is Officially Here: The Return of Cinespia”

  1. Damn it, Travis. Stop telling people about this. It’s my favorite thing to do in L.A. The last thing I need is a whole new throng of ironic T-shirt-wearing hipsters hipstering up the joint.

    I’ll be there for Dazed & Confused.

  2. Great idea! Not only could I *finally* make a meet up, but it would be at Cinespia!

    I have to agree with Jason though. It has gotten crazy busy the last couple summers.

  3. I think the Cinespia screenings have gotten too big and overbloated. They used to be cool, but now there are too many people fighting for too little space. Lately, I prefer the drive-in screenings they do on Friday nights over at the Steve Allen Theater – not overcrowded yet, you can sit in your car to watch the movie, and the director does a Q&A.

  4. I agree with ejkdreamer, going to Cinespia these days is a major hassle. Waaaaayy to crowded, standing traffic with bummed and angry drivers for blocks and blocks and blocks in both directions. Almost inevitably there’s a screaming match and possibly a wimpy fistfight after someone tries to cut in front of the other cars at the gate. On foot there’s a humongous bigger-than-Space Mountain-on-the-Fourth of July line of people waiting forever to get in, and then once you finally pass through the gates be ready to run and battle just to get a halfway decent unobscured spot on the lawn. What a stresser.

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