ICME: Road Kill

Caught through my windshield as I was driving away from a friend’s place in Echo Park this weekend, I finally figured out that the macho male version of the girl who drives her sunflower yellow bug with stuffed animals pinned to the dashboard is:  a giant trucker with various creatures tied to the back of his transport.  Case in point:


4 thoughts on “ICME: Road Kill”

  1. I’ve never seen a truck with dolls or stuffed animals tied to the back before–I’ve only ever seen them on the front. It’s quite common. There was an article in the NY Times a few years ago about trash truck drivers rescuing stuffed animals, toys, dolls, and anything else that caught their eye and decorating their trucks with them.


    The article mentions a website with a few photos of examples. It’s here:

  2. Keepsakes from serial killing pedophiles! Perhaps I’ve seen to many in the 8 Films to Die For series.

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