Sakura Matsuri 2009

Images courtesy of Da Bun & LADead
Images courtesy of Da Bun & LADead

The cherry blossom is an enchantingly beautiful flower with a very short lifespan, particularly in wind and heat.  And for that distinction, it’s brief existence is celebrated as well as considered metaphor for the human condition.  

The Cherry Blossom Festival (Sakura Matsuri) is a Japanese ritual that dates back to 794 and is something they stole from China during a period of trying to emulate Chinese culture.  In modern times, many countries hold festivals in honor of the delicate blossom. 

This past year Ruin at the Monte Cristo held a darker take on Sakura Matsuri on April 3rd – a day before the peak of blooming. Denizens of Los Angeles came decked out in their Asian-inspired finest to dance, preen and partake of libations.  It was a lovely evening with plenty of imaginative eye candy.

Images courtesy of Da Bun & LADead
Images courtesy of Da Bun & LADead


As a special treat, DJ Xian invited Kaz Matamura of the Secret Rose Theater to perform an authentic Japanese dance.  It was a gorgeous, subtle performance by an exquisite woman that had the entire room utterly captivated.  I would have liked to see more but I left with a unique memory of a rare experience.

Upcoming Themes at Ruin:

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July 3rd – Kabaret

August 7th – Mad Hatter’s Absinthe Party

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