Classic Eats #5 Follow Up

cocktailsmussoLast Saturday night was Classic Eats #5: Old Hollywood Cocktails. The gang started at Musso and Frank with cocktails and some snacks, then we headed slightly west and south to Formosa for a few more cocktails and some crazy Lobster Mac and Cheese!

Thanks to all the usual suspects who came along, such a great group we have going on! Thanks also to the newbies and occasional Classic Eaters for joining in the fun. We started at 5 (most of us) and said our last good-byes at 11pm! I could have stayed and talked for another hour.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar on June 13 for A Very Special Classic Eats: Hot Dog Death March

A few more pics and a menu mystery after the jump.


Musso and Frank did not disappoint with the classic bartenders and waiters. The bar itself, the shelves, the glasses, the cash register were Classic with a Capital C. Manhattans and vodka martinis seemed to be the most popular cocktail enjoyed and a bit of food was shared around the table. We were stymied by the menu item seen here:


Diplomat Pudding? Anyone? Very very old school according to a few places on the internets. Makes sense at an establishment like M&F. The answer to your next question is: Of course we ordered it!


My husband Kurt braved it and when it arrived (above) I thought it was a huge matzoh ball covered in strawberry topping. In fact Kurt said it was like a very soggy strawberry shortcake. He ate most of it…

Time was fleeting and we had to move on, so we toasted to the ghosts of Hollywood Blvd past and moved on to Formosa.


Adios Musso and Frank!


At Formosa Cafe, we had a spot in the train car section and from this point on, I was having so much talking with everyone that I didn’t take any more photos!  


The walls are lined with headshots, very new, very old, some (with no names) very mysterious, like the butch Doris Day (it wasn’t Doris, but very like her…anyone figure it out?).

Thanks to all who came and made it another great evening!

5 thoughts on “Classic Eats #5 Follow Up”

  1. Really a great time. Glad to see everybody, and can’t wait for the Hot Dog Death March. Everyone who has been to one of these already knows, and for those who haven’t, don’t miss the next one. Great fun!

  2. We loved the little pony glasses at Musso’s, where the barman leaves the rest of your drink for you. wow, that was a lot of carbs! Bread, bread and mac and cheese at Formosa! Thank Kurt for introducing me to the Manhattan.

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