Hawk returns to my yard for feeding

hawkwingspreadAt first I wasn’t sure if it was the real shriek of a hawk hunting or not. I have had numerous false alarms, as a mocking bird has opted to mimic that cry, and does so all day outside my office window.

The swoosh and blurred vision of something across the patio confirmed one of the two nesting pairs of hawks was in my yard. I watched him eat his breakfast atop the power pole next to the garage. I grabbed a camera and was able to get one shot before he was spooked and flew away.

It’s nice to have the hawks back. To have two nesting pair on the street is new for us. I can’t wait until June when the chicks begin their first forays into their urban hunting ground here in the foothills.

One thought on “Hawk returns to my yard for feeding”

  1. With the jacarandas blooming, I wondered when your hawks would return to your neighborhood and to Metblogs! Can’t wait to see those fierce babies!

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