Cinco de Sultry

Vigilantly Posted at the Intersection of Chickenmen, Hula Hoopists, and Buxom Tassle Twirlers

Photograph by Michelle Lanz
Photograph by Michelle Lanz

Cinco de Mayo has never looked better than on the stage of Lucha Va Voom, the mindblowing spectacle that squeezes masked Mexican wrestling (Lucha Libre) and sultry burlesque dancing onto one stage at the historic Mayan theater. There is no sensation quite like the swell of pride that happens when full-grown men (and a mini-man) dressed as chickens attack skeleton-suited hombres (and a mini-hombre) as the announcer proudly proclaims: Welcome to Los Angeles…

Blue Demon Jr. / By Drew Tewksbury

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Lucha Libre is the hidden crown jewel of Los Angeles. Sure, Los Angeles has some pretty nice stuff: the beautiful weather, the beaches, and nomadic taco trucks that wander like clouds (shout out to Wordsworth, whaaat!) and shower your face with burritos. But what’s better than masked Mexican wrestlers? Nothing! Wait. One thing’s better: Off duty strippers. Off duty strippers and masked Mexican wrestling, together at last for the best thing L.A. has to offer since early nineties Raiders jackets. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Ladies and gents, birds and blokes, prepare to feast your orbs.

Lucha Va Voom / by Drew Tewksbury

Lucha Va Voom / by Drew TewksburyBlue Demon Jr. / by Drew Tewksbury

For more photos of Lucha Va Voom’s Cinco de Mayo extravaganza, gorge your glassies here.

Photos by Drew Tewksbury except where noted.

Lucha Va Voom / by Drew TewksburyKaris / by Drew Tewksbury


Mini Chicken / by Drew Tewksbury

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  1. Great pics, but dude, you have GOT to learn how to shrink ’em down for including on this page. It takes forever to load, even in Google Reader.

  2. heh…chicken package.

    This looks like big fun, and dammit! I missed it again. I have got to see Lucha Va Voom next time around.

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