Actor Comedian Dom DeLuise passed away Monday


RIP Dom DeLuise you were my favorite actor in the screwball comedies as I was growing up.  Between all the Mel Brooks and “Smokey and the Bandit” movies you added a lot of laughs to my life.  

I’ve attached one of my favorite clips from “Blazing Saddles” to bring a smile to some faces today.  I ask, what greater achievement in ones life than to bring in laughter and a smile? 

He passed away quietly in his sleep Monday night in his LA home according to his son. All the details and bio in the MSN Movies article that ran moments ago.

(Updated just for lezgull, I searched and found an out takes insanity clip for you, but you have to make the jump).


3 thoughts on “Actor Comedian Dom DeLuise passed away Monday”

  1. I used to love the outtakes with Dom and Burt at the end of the Smokey and the bandit and Cannonball Run movies more than the movies themselves. Just they way they laughed together always cracked me up as a kid.

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