Spring is Springing: The Jacarandas

jacarandaI started seeing the faint mist of purple on the Jacranda trees in my neighborhood last week. Then last Friday night I turned a corner and saw one almost at halfway bloomed. Soon, full splashed of purple will be everywhere and I will sigh with delight. 

People say (and I’m guilty of it) that you can’t hardly tell one season from the next in Los Angeles. But there is no doubt when May has arrived in all her violet purple glory. Makes me think, “Summer is right around the corner!”

(Wish I’d had a better camera with me at the time. But just look around when you go out today, you’ll see them.)

4 thoughts on “Spring is Springing: The Jacarandas”

  1. I’m sitting here breathlessly waiting for them to pop in my neighborhood. Judging by the size of the buds we are at least a week away. I love them as the first harbinger of summer and the associated fun being just around the corner.

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