ICME: Realistic chew toys for dogs

omgtoyThese lovelies provided me with one of those Oh My Gawd stop me in my track moments.  Realistic, fur covered chew toys for dogs.  Real right down to a honking duck and a squeaky-hooty rabbit.  Is this “funny but wrong” or just “wrong” ?  If they don’t creep you out run on over to Target in Duarte while their supplies last and get your own.

In the end my little pup got a traditional squeaky ball to gnaw on while teething.   

Pic by me on the sly with the trusty phone cam.

One thought on “ICME: Realistic chew toys for dogs”

  1. My former foster dogs LOVED these. I like the squawking of the quail one the best, but I have tried them all. They are rather well made too!

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