Here We Go… May Day Street Closures

Just received this email from Bringing Back Broadway about official street closures in Downtown Los Angeles for Friday’s events:

Tomorrow, Friday, May 1st, several marches and demonstrations will affect the Downtown & Civic Center area. The City recommends the use of public transportation for those coming into or out of downtown, and the City recommends avoiding driving throughout downtown if possible.

Some surface public transportation services will be affected.

DASH and Commuter Express information is available at: or by calling (213) 808-2273
Metro info is at:
Commuter traffic can be monitored, along with street closures by visiting:

Specific street closures and a map are provided at:

Known closures at various times of the day include:
Broadway between 11th St and Ord St
Spring St between 5th St and Ord St
Main St between 6th St and Ord St
Los Angeles St between 6th St and Alameda St
1st St between Grand Ave and Alameda St
Arcadia St between Alameda St and Broadway
Aliso St between Alameda St and Broadway
Judge John Aiso St between 1st St and Temple St
5th St between Central Ave and Grand Ave
Central Ave between 4th St and Olympic Bl
7th St between Kohler St and Alameda St
Sunset Bl/ Cesar Chavez Ave between Alvarado St and Alameda St

Thank you and have a safe weekend.

One thought on “Here We Go… May Day Street Closures”

  1. If they have to march why not do it some place like DC or even our own Federal Buildings. ITs the feds that need to make the reforms. Doing it downtown just annoys the bankers and such that are there trying to make a living and does nothing to further their cause.

    I guess that is what bugs me about marches, unless you do it in front of the entity that can affect change for your cause all you do is inconvenience a lot of innocent people.

    I do have to admit however am resisting an urge to grab a camera and talk with some people to find out exactly what they want done and who they expect to do it for them, details not the usual march rhetoric is what I’d like to know first hand.

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