Swine flu outbreaks spur state of emergency in CA

Reacting to new reports from around the world about swine flu outbreaks, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger this afternoon declared a state of emergency in California.

Is swine flu the next SARS? By that, I mean is it just another eyeball-catcher for news organizations to blather on about but ultimately not much of a threat? Or are we headed toward a replay of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic or even a real life version of The Stand, the Stephen King novel about a planet decimated of most human life by an easily spread virus? I guess it’s best to err on the side of caution but try to keep a level head in the face of the blaring media hysteria.

LA Times has the breaking story.

5 thoughts on “Swine flu outbreaks spur state of emergency in CA”

  1. This is asinine. Not your post, but the panic. If you look up swine flu you’ll see it’s just the flu for pigs. And do they die from it? Not often, actually. They get the flu just like us. And they’re sick for a few days, and then they get well again. Mass deaths result from poor health care and unsanitary conditions. Here, we shouldn’t even blink. The US health care system may be wack, but it’s hella better than most places.

  2. @Lucinda: Agreed. And no one is questioning the full-on hysteria. (The big, important news today for me is about Specter switching to the Dems side in the Senate.)

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