L.A. Bands – Get Your Song Played on the Radio!

lagenxDo you have a band? Do you have your own music?

Here is your chance at getting some FREE exposure on LAGenX Radio.

Maybe you’re having trouble getting a label, or the local radio stations won’t give you an add. We think that sucks, because freedom dictates that every band should stand a chance. Especially yours.

We’re here to help.

LAGenX is a radio show with one musician and two actors, broadcast out of Los Angeles. We’re trying to make it, too. You and your band should come along for the ride.

Send your mp3s to [email protected] We’re on live every Saturday morning at 11 at LATalkRadio.com.

* Mention Metblogs and we’ll put you in the short stack!

One thought on “L.A. Bands – Get Your Song Played on the Radio!”

  1. This is cool. Local artists helping local artists. I like it. I don’t have a band, but I may discover some great new music.

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