Classic Eats #5: Old Hollywood Cocktails!

classiceats1The votes came pouring in last night and Old Hollywood Cocktails is the winner! The vote came down to 27 to 24 with Roscoe’s in second. 

Here is the plan for this Saturday May 2:
5:00pm meet at Musso and Frank in the bar for a cocktail(s). 
6:30pm depart (carpool?, taxi?) to Formosa for additional cocktails and to eat appetizers or dinner, whichever anyone likes. I’ll call to see if I can make a reservation at Formosa and will update you all on Friday.

Musso & Frank Grill
6667 Hollywood Blvd. (A few blocks east of Highland)

The Formosa Cafe
7156 Santa Monica Blvd. (Just west of La Brea)

Thanks for voting everyone and we’ll see you there!

10 thoughts on “Classic Eats #5: Old Hollywood Cocktails!”

  1. Oh I want this one really bad. I have tournament this weekend BUT if games are early enough will catch up with you all somewhere along the line.

  2. I have heard repeatedly that the food at Musso & Franks is delicious, and that at Formosa it’s disgusting, so if possible, some folks may want to think about getting some snacks at the former and foregoing them at Formosa. Unless, that is, you want to turn this event into another “death march.”

  3. Awesome! I was hoping for Old Hollywood Cocktails. I’ve heard that same thing Matt has, though, so appetizers at Musso & Frank might be a good idea.

  4. I’m not a stickler, so if people want to eat at M&F, cool! There’s no “I” in Classic Eats. Oh wait, there is. You know what I mean…

  5. I heard there are certain dishes at M&F that are good, the rest not so much. Doesn’t matter to me though, I have a photography workshop until 6pm so I won’t be able to make it til Formosa Café.

  6. Frankly, Matt, I’ve eaten at both. Musso’s food was awful- it shoud be criminal to do what they did to my scallops- and the lobster mac and cheese at Formosa was great.

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