Win Tickets to see Shiny Toy Guns May 9 at Club Nokia

Two weekends from now, electro-rockers Shiny Toy Guns appear at the nifty new Club Nokia. They’ve come a long way since their early demos garnered attention in 2005 while the band was stewing in LA’s underground and generating buzz via myspace.

From Mike White of deadlydevice via Creative Commons
From Mick O via Creative Commons

While their hit single “Le Disko” ( was a sexy, nuanced call to arms (and to the dancefloor) from the heart of an underage robot, their new(ish) single “Ricochet” ( has all the roaring velocity of a straight-up rock stadium classic on overdrive. There’s a palpable change.

Amidst bandmember switcharoos and the almost-inevitable loss-of-cabin-pressure the occurs when a small, green band gets signed & shot into the stratosphere, they’ve kept writing & hung tight. The result is a new album, “Season of Poison,” that is technically stronger than–if lacking the home-run kismet–of “We Are Pilots,” their first album.

We have more than tickets to give away–one grand prize winner will get a pair of tickets, access to the exclusive VIP lounge (21+) with meet & greet, a copy of their latest CD “Season of Poison” and an autographed Shiny Toy Guns-Goldenvoice poster. Saweeeet. Check behind the jump for how to win.

Ok, so I’m gonna make this a little harder than usual, since our grand prize is so bitchen’.

From Mike White of Deadlydevice via Creative Commons
From Mike White of Deadlydevice via Creative Commons

To win tickets & qualify for the grand prize, I want you to go here, to their 2006 tour diary on I want you to read a little bit and then write up your own version of one of their posts, but include yourself in it–like, “We were in Cincinnati when this crazy girl got backstage! She kept yelling how she’d driven all the way from LA eating only Red Vines the whole way! And she had blue hair.”

See? Now you!

OR tell us your story via Seesmic, by recording straight from your computer.

You can write it, print it, & read it to us like spoken word via Seesmic, or you can actually narrate the story as though you were just telling your pals about your adventure. It’s all up to you!

May the best Shiny Toy Guns diarist win!

6 thoughts on “Win Tickets to see Shiny Toy Guns May 9 at Club Nokia”

  1. Great band. Great contest. Awesome grand prize. Someone is going to be a very lucky girl or boy.

  2. 1015 hrs. I’ve forgotten all about our show last night in New York. After we got on our plane the captain said a giant monster was on the loose in lower Manhattan. Chad is watching CNN in the seat next to me. That monster is huge.

    1030 hrs. They’re reporting there are human sized lizards chasing people on the streets. Police are overwhelmed.

    1300 hrs. I can’t believe they nuked New York. Some Asian guy behind me is spazzing out.

  3. dec 2nd, 18:00

    we just got tot he wiltern, there was this guy outside in purple suspenders and a green beret that was yelling and screaming “you are the one at” at us, its so cool people here in la arent afraid to express how much they love our songs, he started crying when he realized we couldnt say hi to everyone, i felt bad, but we will make sure to play an extra special show to make sure all our fans know we love them


    chillin out doing some interviews, eating some mini pizzas when suddenly
    there’s a scuffle outside our dressing room, securities trying to hold someone or other back, damn these la fans rock


    its that guy, howd he make it into the venue? man hes diehard, still shouting out “you are the one”
    securities trying there best but it seems like he knows some special forces moves (guess that explains the beret), it seems like the whole staff pro team is out there


    security was no match for him, he immediately made a beeline to our drink table, the guy starts pounding vodka and acting like nothings out of the ordinary, damn those suspenders he has are pretty fly though


    we have learned his name is james, he talked us into having a push up contest where the loser has to chug a bottle of smirnoff, the winner chugs a bottle of grey goose, he keeps ranting on about how we should cover “major tom”


    I have no clue how we are going to go on tonight, james has drank us all under the table, the push up game was a ruse, he knew all along what he was doing, his liver must be the size of one of gallaghers watermelons,
    he says hes going on stage in our place, this is madness (dictated as unable to type or even move my upper body)

    he has taken the stage,

    the crowd is in an uproar, James didnt know what he was getting himself into, even a man with the skills he possesses cant survive what will be unleashed upon him

    molotov cocktails are being hurled, james is butchering our songs but he still persists amongst the flames, when suddenly he starts going into that “major tom” cover he was going on and on about, the crowd is hypnotized, james rises from the flames like a phoenix, reborn, alive for the very first time, the crowd suddenly forgets us, and only he exists

    as soon as he ended the cover it was a bloodbath, the crowd was merciless, they called our names, asking where we were, what he had done to us, we cried for help but noone could hear us , suddenly james performed a triple backflip up into the lighting scaffolding, he flew throught he air, away from our legion of fans toward us, he came to me like a messiah with a 4 pack of redbull a bottle of grey goose and a 32 ounce ampm cup, he mixed up a concoction, we drank, coming alive, learning his secrets, he winked at me, one last word of advice guys he said “major tom, major tom”


    with the venue burnt down we perform an acoustic set outside the wiltern next to the bacon wrapped hot dog selling lady

    months later:
    we were asked to write a song for the new 2010 Lincoln MKZ commercial.
    weve been struggling all day with ideas when suddenly it hits me, i pop open a vodka red bull, add in some grey goose and the magic starts,
    cheers james, cheers

  4. 700

    our pilot tells us we need to make an emergency landing.


    we land in a cornfield in the middle of nowhere, and some guy sells us some corn. he goes away.


    we get an alternate plane, and leave the middle of nowhere.


    we land in new york, see the guy get off with our bags. he steals our bags.

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