Swine Flu Heading Our Way?

H1N1 Swine Flu - Google Maps

If you haven’t been paying attention to the news today you might want to google swine flu. Take a few minutes and read that. OK, back now? Good. Now you might be interested in this google map which is showing confirmed and suspected cases in Mexico and SoCal. There aren’t any in Los Angeles yet, but there weren’t any in San Diego jut the other day and now there are several. It seems to be moving pretty quickly so a LA case is bound to pop up shortly. For more info you can also follow CDC Emergeny on twitter and check out this Mashable post with more pointers. More news when I get it.

8 thoughts on “Swine Flu Heading Our Way?”

  1. It’s easy to get really freaked out by this news (I am–a little)–but I wonder if that’s really warranted (yet)? There aren’t that many cases (yet). The death rate seems pretty low (so far) as influenzas go. The virus seems treatable by tamiflu, etc. Don’t hundreds of people die every year from “regular” influenzas–that AREN’T breathlessly reported by the media?

    It just feels like the paranoia level far exceeds the facts that we have at the moment. I think it’s good to be cautiously aware in these early stages–but I wonder if a whole lot of people are going to get way more upset than they need to?

    (And how long before the right wing nut-jobs start screaming about pigs and Mexico and viruses and “those people”…?)

  2. Wilberfan – Don’t know if you watched any of the emergency press conferences this morning, there were several – WHO, White House and CDC. The facts are being released and are concerning. Yes there’s a flu every year, but I don’t recall the last time a major wold city was going to be shut down because of it.

  3. I’m definitely concerned. Working in a not-for-profit hospital, where we treat many, many people who have very recently come from Mexico, makes me nervous. Granted, I’m exposed to all kind of things all the time, but I usually know in advance and can take precautions. I already do excessive hand washing at work and will intensify that tomorrow.

  4. I am mildly concerned, considering the hordes of international tourists that always want to cough and sneeze on me each day.

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