7 thoughts on “R.I.P. Jesus”

  1. You can see quite a number of these “ghost bikes” in Europe. They serve a dual purpose of memorializing the killed cyclist and warning drivers to watch out for bikes. Spooky to ride by one…

  2. that is touching and haunting and probably very effective…until the bike gets stolen. I’d like a link to contribute for a U-lock (painted white, of course).

  3. No, El Chavo, he may not have been part of what you call our “bike Kulture”, but to many of us anyone who rides a bike is one of us, a brother. For what it’s worth, the wording on the other side of the plaque is in Spanish and can be read from the sidewalk.

  4. El Chavo, I can appreciate the frustration that’s resulted from an entirely unrelated post about the naming of the Gold Line, but I’m sorry you felt the imperative to carry over those feelings and attempt to drive a wedge between those of us who couldn’t care less what language Jesus Castillo spoke or to what “kulture” he did or didn’t subscribe.

    I was there last night to honor his memory and mourn his death because as a fellow cyclist on these all-too-mean streets: he is me.

  5. These memorials are beautiful, sad, and haunting. I’m not a cyclist, but this makes me extra grateful that my good friends who was hit on her bike a few years ago “only” ended up with a shattered leg and 6 months out of work. She is back to nearly-full function and oh-so-lucky.

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