Hummer runs over cyclists, LAPD lets driver go unticketed

Alex Thompson has done the legwork pulling all the details together on this and has a post up on Westside Bikeside that he’ll be updating as more news comes forth. At this point it seems that a black Hummer with no license plates ran into a group of cyclists in downtown LA on Friday morning around 2am. At least one cyclist was sent to the ER and several others bikes were totaled. The Hummer initially tried to flee the scene only to be stopped near by by LAPD (apparently there was still a bike stuck under the vehicle at this point). According to Alex’s report:

The occupants of the car fled on foot, and though LAPD caught the driver, several of the passengers escaped. Those passengers returned later to threaten the group of cyclists, saying that if they spoke with police, they would return “60 crips deep.”

After a large group of police officers interviewed the witnesses and the suspects they released the driver, who drove off without a ticket. Officer Cho, the officer in charge at the scene then approached the cyclists. He first told the group:

Get everyone together because I don’t want to say this twice. If anyone says anything I’m gonna walk away and I’m not going to talk to you guys. Based on the evidence right now it looks like the cyclist hit the car, not that the car hit the cyclist.

Cyclist then argued with him, pointing out that the driver of the Hummer was dislodging a bicycle from underneath his vehicle when the police pulled him over. Officer Cho then responded, saying “if it had been me with my family in that car, I’d have done the same thing, and I carry a gun in my car.”

13 thoughts on “Hummer runs over cyclists, LAPD lets driver go unticketed”

  1. Uh…what?

    So, is it that Officer Cho is really afraid of Crips? Or perhaps that he was never allowed to ride bikes with the cool kids? Or…how the hell does this happen?

  2. WE are missing so many details. It is horrendous a bike got hit, but was this an intersection accident? Is there a light dispute at the heart of the matter? The silver bullet to this is what independant witnesses have to say in the matter if there are any.

  3. My only problem with this piece is you’re anthropomorphizing the Hummer and dehumanizing the doucehbag behind the wheel. It was a person that hit these people and who should be punished. He just happened to be driving a Hummer. He’s the one who should be taken out back and shot. Not the truck.

  4. just got celebrity-justice anxiety, I thought the title read ‘Hammer runs over cyclists’ …

  5. Frazgo,

    Notwithstanding those details, was it really appropriate for the officer to threaten the cyclists with his gun?

  6. Seriously……why the fuck does the LAPD hates bicyclists?!?!?!

    Fraz, I’m with you. There will always be a case of he said, she said, and without 3rd party witnesses it’s hard to be sure what happened. The “pulling the bike out from under the car” thing shows he was most likely in the wrong…..but really, who knows.

    rdm, Yeah….the cop sounds like a douche….which again I ask…WTF?!?!

  7. rdm24…that’s why I’m asking for details and witnesses. Things get said all the time and witnesses are of great value in sorting fact from fiction. I missed the part where he threatened them with a gun.

  8. this is why Journalists go to school to write. I can sometimes see why they bag on bloggers.

    This is a story that shouldn’t be reported until all the facts were straight and presented free of emotion from someone less involved.

  9. If, IF this happened the way it says, then I will get on my bike and ride to protest. Name the time and place. Threatening victims of a crime with a gun is probably not in the training manual. Keep us informed.

  10. More LA drivers should run over these holier-than-thou bicyclists who fail to obey even the simplest of laws that are designed to PROTECT them. Buying bike lights and stopping at ALL stop signs are not challenging, but bicyclists have either a great difficulty in comprehending the law, or total contempt for it. This can clearly be shown in the mass bike rides that occur nearly every weekend in the LA area. The riders block traffic, fail to obey ANY rules of the road, and have even caused some property damage.

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