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Nature Of A Fragile Mind by David Gough
Nature Of A Fragile Mind by David Gough

I ran into David Gough years ago on Live Journal.  That’s right – Live Journal.  It used to be a great place for creatives to network and glimpse into one another’s lives.  I was addicted.  At the time, LJ was burgeoning with artists like David Gough from all over the world.  It kept me coming back every day to read and write.  It was inspirational and fed into my own endeavors.  

In the case of David, I was taken right away with his dark imagination elegantly rendered.  To me, his work was pretty death on the prowl or life’s inevitable darkness romanticized.  It was also sexy and sometimes whimsical in a way that spoke to my inner child.  I connected with it. But, eventually, he was among the many casualties of Live Journal and moved on.  

David is originally from Liverpool in the UK.  In a modern day echo of a fairy tale, he fell in love with a California native and moved to San Diego.  Though he’s been just a few hours away from Los Angeles since 2005, I never had occasion to run into him or his ever evolving art. So, it was with great pleasure that I discovered David’s work will be part of a group show at The Hive this month.  It’s the third time, in fact.  It’s very much deserved.  He’ll be one of many talented artists on display from May 2nd through May 29th.  

The Hive May 2009 Group Show artist reception will take place next Saturday evening from 8 pm to Midnight at 729 S. Spring St. in Downtown Los Angeles.  Those entering The Hive show will be given $5 entry to Infusion Gallery’s “Peep Show” for the night as well. ($10 for both gallery shows and performances!)

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