120 Seconds with MA46

There are scores of talented artists in LA doing all kinds of rad stuff, but who has time to figure out which ones are worth checking out? For those who can’t spare 120 minutes, I give you 120 Seconds.

This week I took my (borrowed) handycam down to one of those warehouses full of rented practice spaces in the epicenter of what appears to be post-apocalyptic LA (just on the outskirts of Skid Row) to interview emerging LA-based atomic prog pop trio, MA46.

120 Seconds with MA46:


As time allows, I plan on doing more quickies like this with various artists and musicians all over town. Looks like I better stock up on the Penicillin!

120 Seconds is partially inspired by defunct live music shows like HBO’s REVERB, a weekly series from the late 90’s (executive produced by my current boss Jim Noonan) that created an unfiltered, intimate experience between the viewer and the artists.

If you have more than 120 seconds to spare, MA46 will be performing live this Sunday, April 26 at El Cid with Phantom West, Whorehouse Cowboys and Feast of Fetus (MA46 goes on at 9:45 PM, so get there early).

$10 cover. 21+. El Cid, 4212 Sunset Blvd, LA. www.elcidla.com

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  1. That is correct, John! He lives in LA now, but is originally a farm boy from Iowa.

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