Kid Koala’s “Quiet Work/Loud Party” serves up hot chocolate, pencils & DJs

A few years ago, every week I’d make my way down Alameda to the warehouse district, park my car in a highly dubious location, and walk alone through the darkness of downtown to a single illuminated doorway, where burnished light and raucous conversation spilled out into the blue-black of the deserted street.

The New York promo art Kid Koala created
The New York promo art Kid Koala created: click for HUGE
It was an artists’ salon, and a DJ would spin & bartenders poured as models…well, modeled for artists who sometimes, occasionally, stopped talking long enough to draw them.

They stopped happening.

Kid Koala’s “Music To Draw To…“, on April 26, reminds me of those rosy nights. Check it: A fiver gets you admission, a cuppa hot cioccolata, and a pencil. “Quiet people are invited. bring your own sketchbook, notepad or yarn. no dancing,” says the website. I can live with that.

Hell, I might even get some work done.

Click thru for info on the next day’s “Loud Party,” as contrasted with the “Quiet Work” of Music To Draw To.

Kid Koala’s “Quiet Work/Loud Party” weekend combines the yin and yang of a successful creative life, no? The Kid himself is a great example: just check out the hands in this video. From remixing Charlie Brown (“What’d you get?” “I got a rock”) to a recent tour involving spinning old LPs while calling a bingo game (he’d drawn all the bingo cards, too), he’s what happens when you add one part talent, one part creativity and one part play to the equation–hella fun.

So after you git ‘er done at the “Quiet Work” part of his two-day event, cut loose at the “Loud Party” the next night: Bordello hosts his Indoor Block Party. The website proffers “dancing, scratching, pillow fight, raffle.” Now that’s a party.

Info on the “Quiet Work / Loud Party” concept is here.

Specific info on “Quiet Work”: “Music To Draw To…” is here.

Specific info on “Loud Party”: “Indoor Block Party” is here.