Pictures! Getcha Pictures!

08a9b1e3f030edccf2d2c912f2b20a39Brief announcement: You may have noticed this guy floating around a lot in the comments section recently and not known way. Of at the very least, thought “damn, I sure do look swank in that hat I’m wearing.. hey wait!” I think maybe some explanations are in order. Basically, we added Gravatar support to the site, which means if you have a Gravatar account that avatar will show up on your comments here. If you don’t, well then you get the default MB hat guy. An important note is that Gravatar maps images to e-mail accounts, so you need to have your Gravatar account set up using the same e-mail account you used to set up your metblogs account. Know what I mean? If you don’t have one and want one, it’s pretty simple and quick to set up. All the details can be found here. Enjoy!

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